Irving Harper 

Creating this project was so much fun for me. I love Irving Harper’s work and wanted my students to see that they could create something just as beautiful with simple materials of paper, scissors and glue. 


Clay Coil Sculptures 

7th and 8th grade Art Elective began this project by creating many coils. I gave them 5 themes to pick from which would work easily with the rounding of a coil. 

Edward Hopper

1st & 2nd graders painted Edward Hopper’s well known painting of Ryder’s House (1933). 

Students observed his simplied scenes and use of light & shadow. By focusing on a simpler image, students became aware of how light and shadow induced a mood of wonder and reflection.   


Mark Fox: Paper Manipulation 

Mark Fox is an American artist who pushes the boundaries of paper. He says, “The canvas and panel seem so immutable and fixed, and paper is easier to manipulate”.  He uses paper as sculpture that include ink drawings, cut and arranged into intricate webs of text and image based works. 

Fox begins his work by asking the question- “How is a person manipulated by social or religious forces?” Students observed the overwhelming feeling of images and layers in his work. I asked my students to draw and  write social and spiritual components of their lives. These separate cut words and images were then assembled into a layered composition. Studio Art Elective students worked on one main theme in the same manner and style of Mark Fox.